Implementing Information Security Management Systems – PECB Skills Upgrade Course – 4 Modules – Self Paced E-Learning

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PECB Skills On Demand Course

Module 1 Implementing ISO/IEC 27001, Annex A Controls

This module delves into the essential components of information security governance. Get ready to learn how to establish and manage information security policies, including both general and topic-specific policies, with management approval and clear communication to relevant personnel and interested parties. Explore the allocation of information security roles and responsibilities based on your organization’s needs, ensuring clear segregation of conflicting duties and areas of responsibility.

Module 2 Implementing ISO/IEC 27001, Annex A Controls

Begin your exploration of strategic aspects of information security, encompassing external engagement, proactive threat management, and seamless integration within your organization. Learn how to establish and maintain essential contacts with relevant authorities and special interest groups, enhancing information exchange and staying updated on security developments.

Module 3 Implementing ISO/IEC 27001, Annex A Controls

This module is your starting point for exploring the fundamental principles of asset management and information classification, ensuring a systematic approach to protect your organization’s valuable resources. Learn how to create and maintain a comprehensive list of information and related assets, making it easier to manage them effectively.

Module 4 Implementing ISO/IEC 27001, Annex A Controls

Are you curious to know the practical aspects of information handling and access control in order to ensure the safe and secure management of your organization’s data? This module aims to help you learn how to develop and implement procedures for information labeling, aligning them with your chosen information classification scheme. Discover the importance of having rules, procedures, or agreements in place for all types of information transfers within and outside the organization.

PECB Micro-learning Courses: These are typically short, bite-sized lessons designed to deliver specific, focused content. Micro-learning breaks down larger topics into smaller modules, often with a duration of a few minutes to around 15 minutes per module. Learners can consume these modules at their own pace, and the content is usually delivered through various formats like videos, interactive quizzes, or infographics.

Capsules: –Consists of 15-minute content (video, reading material, etc.)

Modules: –Consists of 4 capsules + 1 practice quiz

  • Practice quiz is optional
  • One can obtain the Attestation with 1 CPD without the quiz

Competency Essentials Certificate:

  • Consists of 4 modules + 1 final quiz
  • Certificate with ANAB logo

Total Learning Duration: 4 Hours: Each Competency has 4 Modules, and 1 Module has 4 capsules of 15 minute content (video, reading material, etc).

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