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How can I apply for PECB Certificate after passing Exam?

    1) Login at your PECB account;

    2) Click the My Certifications tab;

    3) Click the “Apply for a Certification” button;

    Select a Certification Scheme;

    Click the Save and Continue button;

    Provide the Exam Number;

    Provide the Exam Date;

    Type “PECB” in the Exam Issuer box;

    Upload the Attendance Record, if obtained;

    Provide your Work Experience and Reference email addresses;

    Select a maximum of 9 activity sectors and click Continue;

    Provide your Education details and click Continue;

    Declare that you agree with the PECB Code of Ethics, PECB Rules and Policies, and the PECB Certification Maintenance program and click Continue;

    Revise the provided information and click Continue;

    Provide the code to waive the Certificate application fee and click Verify;

    Once your code has been verified, please click the Place your order button;

    By clicking the “Place your order” button, your Certification application will be submitted to PECB. The PECB system
    will automatically contact your provided references to verify your experience through an online questionnaire. If your
    references will not respond to the online questionnaire, the PECB system will contact them again within three days.
    If your references do not respond even after another three days, you will be contacted directly and be advised to
    update the contact details of your references.