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“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.”

Stephane Nappo

The element of risk exists in everything we do on day-to-day basis (Activities) like driving a car or riding a bike, eating or drinking, crossing the road, using computers or mobile phones etc., risk is part of human lives, we mitigate these risks by wearing seat belt or helmet, consume properly cooked food or drink filtered or bottled water, look left & right or use subways or zebra crossings to cross the road, installing anti-virus or firewall software. Likewise business of all nature across the world have been facing risk, the digitalization of business processes has led all business more vulnerable to risk…Business needs more rigorous, structured  methods to mitigate & manage  risk.

ISO 31000 is RISK Management standards by ISO which provides principles & guidelines for managing risk faced by organizations.

Why ISO 31000 Risk Management Certification is important for you?

SMATICA’s ISO 31000 Risk Management Certification program is designed to help you build expertise on identifying & assessing risk in your organization successfully. ISO 31000 Certification will elevate your position into a very Niche leadership role in protecting business and its valuable assets. The methods you learn from our ISO 31000 Risk Management Certification program will help you on focusing known & unknown risks that put your organizations to huge financial loss & harm its reputation in the market.

Benefits of SMATICA’s ISO 31000 Risk Management Certification:

SMATICA’s ISO 31000 Risk Management Certification programme will help you to become an expert in Risk Management. You will be able to do following activities to mitigate & manage organizational Risk:

  1. Avoiding the risk by deciding not to start or continue with the activity that gives rise to the risk
  2. Accepting or increasing the risk in order to pursue an opportunity
  3. Removing the risk source
  4. Changing the likelihood
  5. Changing the consequences
  6. Sharing the risk with another party or parties (including contracts and risk financing)
  7. Retaining the risk by informed decision

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How to get trained in ISO 31000 Risk Management Training program?

Risk Management is relatively new subject, ISO 31000 Risk Management standards were first published in 2009 and second version was released in 2018, you need experts in modern business & process management professionals to thoroughly guide you in ISO 31000 Standards & Principles.

SMATICA in partner with PECB offers top class training & certification program in ISO 31000 RISK MANAGEMENT to enable you into one of the top candidates sought by global business communities.

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“SMATICA’s RISK MANAGEMENT – ISO 31000 Certified professionals are in high demand in all types & sizes of companies worldwide…”

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