Management Systems Auditing

PECB Skills On Demand Course

Module 1 Audit Fundamentals

Designed by renowned experts in the field, this module will provide you with the skillset you need to advance your career as an auditor. As you complete all four capsules you will gain proficiency over the key auditing objectives and principles, as well as the technical knowledge needed to build your practical skills for conducting an ethical and independent audit.

Module 2 Audit Procedures

This module will enable you to delve deeper into the fascinating yet demanding field of auditing. With an emphasis on evidence-based methodology and techniques, this learning path will guide you through a curated step by step instruction of the audit procedures that need to be followed when starting a career in auditing.

Module 3 The Audit Process

This module consists of a number of practical capsules created by experts at PECB aiming to prepare you before embarking on the process of an audit. Each capsule offers important details and suggestions which will lead you through each stage of the process, including the initiation, preparation processes, as well as the evaluation and assessment procedures for an audit.

Module 4 Finalization of the Audit Process

Several factors need to be taken into account when conducting an audit. What communication approach to use? How to close an audit? And how to draft audit findings? All of these belong to the skillset you will gain through these four capsules. This module builds on your auditing foundation skills to help you take your career to the next level.

PECB Micro-learning Courses: These are typically short, bite-sized lessons designed to deliver specific, focused content. Micro-learning breaks down larger topics into smaller modules, often with a duration of a few minutes to around 15 minutes per module. Learners can consume these modules at their own pace, and the content is usually delivered through various formats like videos, interactive quizzes, or infographics.

Capsules: –Consists of 15-minute content (video, reading material, etc.)

Modules: –Consists of 4 capsules + 1 practice quiz

  • Practice quiz is optional
  • One can obtain the Attestation with 1 CPD without the quiz

Competency Essentials Certificate:

  • Consists of 4 modules + 1 final quiz
  • Certificate with ANAB logo

Total Learning Duration: 4 Hours: Each Competency has 4 Modules, and 1 Module has 4 capsules of 15-minute content (video, reading material, etc.).

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