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PECB GDPR Audit Assessment

Currently, with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union and its enforcement beginning on May 2018, the importance of data protection collected from organizations for a variety of reasons is becoming the utmost objective of each organization and involved individuals.

Without a doubt, the business growth in the modern world drives up the amount of collected personal data from organizations for different purposes. As a result, there is a need for organizations to develop an enhanced system to manage the collection of data, based on the premises of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What is GDPR Audit Assessment?

The aim of the GDPR audit assessment is to evaluate and measure the compliance of your organization towards GDPR requirements. A GDPR audit assessment provides an estimate evaluation of the ongoing process in your organization in terms of risks and benefits which need to be considered in order to achieve compliance to the GDPR. 

Our extensive experience in the information security and data privacy makes our GDPR audit assessment the most enhanced and comprehensive service. Therefore, the purpose of the PECB MS GDPR audit assessment is to assist your organization in identifying the areas of improvement and evaluating your organization’s commitment to GDPR requirements. The audit assessment duration will be determined based on the size of your organization, scope, and business & process complexity. 
We believe that GDPR audit assessment is an important step at this stage of your organization growth in regards to the greater transparency and information of your clients about the concept of data protection and individual privacy rights.

Benefits of PECB MS (GDPR) Audit Assessment:

  • Demonstrate accountability and compliance with the GDPR
  • Show commitment to data protection and privacy
  • Prevent financial and data loss
  • Create competitive advantage in the market
  • Increase reputation and brand strength
  • Remedies, liabilities, and penalties
  • Develop an appropriate level of expertise for GDPR legal and technical evaluation

GDPR Audit Assessment is a third-party audit performed by PECB MS which, upon verification that an organization is in compliance with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation, will issue a GDPR attestation. This attestation is then maintained through regularly scheduled annual surveillance audits by PECB MS, with re-assessment of the General Data Protection Regulation performed on a triennial basis.

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