Privacy Information Management

PECB Skills On Demand Course

Module 1 PIMS Scope

The capsules that follow will give you a thorough understanding of your PIMS scope, its limits, and everything in between. Set the boundaries you are comfortable with and communicate them clearly in your scope document. Furthermore, this module will provide you with practical knowledge of what to do when things deviate from the expected path, with extension audits and real-life examples of scope complexities that may arise.

Module 2 Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Privacy impact assessment is one of the most important analyses that an organization can carry out for identifying and managing their respective privacy risks. But where do you even start? Rest easy, knowing that the following capsules have got you covered. From the initial steps of recognizing your vulnerabilities, to conducting a PIA, and finally, to finding the appropriate solutions to match your results, these videos will tell you all you need to know about PIAs.

Module 3 Information Security in Supplier Relationships

No organization operates in a vacuum; at some point in its lifecycle, it will require services or products from a third party, and exposing your organization to outsiders is never without its risks. Investigate information security in supplier relationships to better prepare yourself and avoid damage. Follow this module to learn about outsourcing, supply chain risk, the role of ISO standards SOC2 audits in the supply chain.

Module 4 Security Architecture

Module 4: Security Architecture In a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of data and how that data can be used not only for benefit but for harm as well, organizations may find themselves needing to take all possible measures to be as secure as possible. Known as security architecture, the practice of designing, building, and maintaining information security strategies and policies in organizations is of growing importance.

PECB Micro-learning Courses: These are typically short, bite-sized lessons designed to deliver specific, focused content. Micro-learning breaks down larger topics into smaller modules, often with a duration of a few minutes to around 15 minutes per module. Learners can consume these modules at their own pace, and the content is usually delivered through various formats like videos, interactive quizzes, or infographics.

Capsules: –Consists of 15-minute content (video, reading material, etc.)

Modules: –Consists of 4 capsules + 1 practice quiz

  • Practice quiz is optional
  • One can obtain the Attestation with 1 CPD without the quiz

Competency Essentials Certificate:

  • Consists of 4 modules + 1 final quiz
  • Certificate with ANAB logo

Total Learning Duration: 4 Hours: Each Competency has 4 Modules, and 1 Module has 4 capsules of 15-minute content (video, reading material, etc.).

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