How can I obtain PECB Digital Badges

Candidates who have passed PECB Exams can now obtain Digital Badges to share on social media profiles.

Digital badges are a powerful online representation that lets you showcase your professional knowledge and skills obtained through your professional development. Digital badges are indicators of your accomplishments, which help you to get the recognition you have earned. They inspire new pathways to learn and lead to new professional opportunities.

PECB has partnered with Credly to offer you the chance of earning a digital badge. The badges can be shared online safely and easily. Make sure that once you get the notification that you have been awarded a digital badge, claim your badge and share it on social media channels or embed it on your CV or business card.

How do PECB digital badges work?

PECB Digital badges contain shareable information about the organization that has issued the badge, the person who earned the badge, criteria for obtaining the badge, issue and expiration date, and achievement evidence. Each digital badge is associated with an image and metadata that provides information about what the badge represents.

How to claim and share your digital badge(s)?

Claiming your Digital Badges from your PECB Account

1.       Login in your PECB Account here.

2.      Click on Certifications > My Certifications

3.      Click the Claim my Badge button. Clicking the link will redirect you to Credly’s website.

a.      Upon redirection to Credly’s site, you may be prompted to sign in or register. If already logged in, you can access your Credly account automatically. (This depends on whether your browser is set to save your credentials for webpages).

b.     If you are not registered, please provide the required information and click Create Account. Here please input the email associated with your PECB Account.

c.      After you create your account, click on the Confirm Your Email button

d.     Check your email inbox and follow the instructions there to continue. Sign in with the credentials you created.

e.      On Credly’s site, you will see an option to Accept Badge

f.       Your badge now displays a Share option

g.     You can choose to share your digital badge across multiple platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, URL, etc.

Important note: You will have to create a Credly account (if you haven’t already) with the same email address as your PECB Profile in your myPECB Dashboard. Your digital badge will then be available to be accepted and used.

If you already have an account with Credly, please make sure the email address of your PECB profile is added to your Credly account. To do this, please login here, and click on Settings > Account > Email Addresses.

Important note: This feature is ONLY available in the Redesigned Dashboard, which can be accessed through the pop-ups available within the Classic Dashboard.

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