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Step by Step Guide for PECB Account Creation

    Step by Step Guide, on how to create your account on

    Step 1: Click on URL

    Then, enter your email address on Registration window.

    Step 2: Click on Check Email Address

    Upon entering the email, in Registration window and Click of Check Email Address, an OTP will be sent to your mailbox. Check spam / junk folder, if you don’t find the OTP.

    Step 3: Enter the OTP you have received in your mailbox, on the new window asking the OTP and click Confirm.

    Step 4: Complete your registration, filling the details on Student Account Creation Page of PECB.

    We recommend you read the PECB Terms, Conditions and Polices, before you click the Submit.

    Once you have created the account, Please, email to informing them, that your account is created on PECB.

    SMATICA will assign you PECB course materials, if your Payment for PECB Training and Exam, is completed with SMATICA.  All Student Enrollment and PECB Examination FAQs can be found at